TV/Video experience video- Drama/fiction/promos

15 seconds of fame

A very short film made for the Nokia shorts festival, it was one of ten films chosen for the festival, also shown at the Raindance festival.

Talking With us

A 60 second advert to be played in local Cinemas, advertising Barking and Dagenham councils Talking with us event. Using a variety of council members and appealing directly to their constituents to attend this event, and help them improve their services. This advert was fast paced and inviting. Produced/Directed/Edited Another Direction ltd, - for Barking and Dagenham Council


A twenty-minute promotional video, which demonstrates this organisations methods of engaging excluded youth from the east London area. As well as more commonly seen conventions in promotional videos, this piece features the youth themselves in a number of specially constructed dramas. Produced/Directed/Edited- Another Direction ltd, - for Fugen

Up front (2)

A five-minute video that explores the ambitions and desires of a group of recent refugees, through the use of drama and interview footage. Produced/Directed- Another Direction ltd, - for O-Regen East 

Up front (1)

A five-minute video that explores the ambitions and desires of a group of youth offenders, through the use of drama and interview footage. Produced/Directed- Another Direction ltd, - for O-Regen East

Against All Odds

A twelve-minute magazine style hybrid of drama and documentary, confronting the issues that matter the most to a group of excluded youth from Waltham Forest. This piece used drama (in the form of short films), music videos and interviews to explore issues such as gun crime, mugging and bullying. Produced/Directed/Edited Another Direction ltd, Artikal Films - for O-Regen East

A Proper One

A challenging satirical comedy which explored societies ignorant view of HIV being a “gay” disease. It tackles the subject matter with humor yet remaining focused on its message. Produced/Directed/Edited Another Direction ltd – For MTV Competition


This groundbreaking set of drama inserts were part of an educational video game for adults with learning disabilities. It explores appropriate social behavior in an accessible and entertaining way. I had the opportunity to broaden my communication skills with this demanding role as a director using actors with and without learning disabilities. Produced/Directed/Edited Another Direction ltd – For MenCap

The Web

This film was an ambitious hybrid of drama, documentary and sci-fi, aimed at 14 to 16 year olds. The piece engaged its audience through its pace and energy. It was factual and informative yet fun and easy to watch. Its success has prompted a national release date for Spring 2003.  Directed/Edited Another Direction ltd – For Studio3 Arts

Where's Your Head At?

A programme that confronts the stigma surrounding exclusion from school, of youths from the London Borough of Newham. Exploring the personal views of truants and those excluded, through drama, documentary and music. The filming of this project was a mixture of multi-camera studio shoots and single camera location shoots. Directed/Edited UEL Productions– For Newham Council


This piece sought to record the repercussions of infidelity. The claustrophobic style of the film echoes the entrapment within the plot. It is a fast paced, tense film with a crescendo of passion to finish. Directed/Edited- for Angels Productions

Big Deal

Creating a new approach to drugs education was the remit for this film. This drama mixed elements of documentary and took an educational yet realistic approach to drugs in the modern climate. Tone and intuition was a vital part of the films success. This video involved the direction and camera scripting of both single and multi-camera shoots.

Out reach worked/Directed/Edited- Studio3 arts/UEL Productions– For The Metropolitan Police – studio 3 arts – UEL.