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Our method of work – working in partnership

The following is the process that we use to ensure that you get the product that you want. It is an outline of our method, but we are always flexible and aim to build long-term relationships, so our highest priority is to ensure that you are happy.

  • On commission, a meeting is called with the client where we will thrash out creative ideas and the client will inform us of what they want the programme to achieve.
  • From the information gathered in this meeting, ADL will go away and create a treatment, this is a document that outlines the content of the programme that is to be created, and also its look and feel. This is a detailed document usually at least 10 pages long.
  • The client will study the treatment and suggest any changes that he or she would like to see.
  • ADL will make those changes and then give the treatment back to the client for final ‘preproduction sign off’
  • A schedule will be drawn up for filming of the programme; the amount of days is dependant on the treatment. This will be scheduled around the convenience of the client and ADL’s previous filming commitments. We will work closely together on this to ensure that we work around the schedule of those that need to be filmed. Filming will occur on the dates and times agreed, and to a carefully planned production schedule, ensuring that all the content outlined in the treatment is captured.
  • ADL will then edit the footage and produce an ‘offline’ (or early) version of the programme usually without graphics, titles etc and not as polished as the final piece, but with all the main content being included.
  • This offline version of the programme will be shown to the client and any changes they want will be implemented (as long as they correspond with the agreed treatment)
  • ADL will then produce an online version of the programme, which will be polished and presented as if it were the final piece.
  • After viewing the online version the client can request any final tweaks and changes that they may require (as long as they correspond with the agreed treatment)
  • ADL will make these changes and then provide the amount of copies agreed.

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A little bit more about our film making background:

Pre production: Our people and our philosophy: On our books and with our (close) freelance associates we have 3 script writers with broadcast experience, 3 award winning Directors who also have experience in script writing and 2 successful producers as well as many willing researchers. Ensuring that the pre production services that we offer are based on the successful methodology that you see used in the broadcast industry today, we marry this knowledge with that of our vast experience in the local authority, community sector and small to medium businesses has led to, a literally award winning formula with our work. But this only tells half the story, because in essence we are an ideas communication company. We take information that people want to convey and communicate it in the most affective way using the relevant medium. We do this by comprehensively discussing our clients’ wants, and researching their needs thoroughly, thus insuring that what we produce is what they expect and desire. An example of this is in the production of the film “social Model” Where we communicated the sometimes complex and wordy rhetoric of this model of Disability in to commonsensical, entertaining and informative program. To do this, the Producer/Director (Dowan Ahmet) had to fully research and understand the Social Model of Disability, but also the history of disability equality itself, including the still wide spread Medical model of disability.  Only after completing this level of research did we begin to write the script, which included comedy sections of the film, which had to be both funny yet sensitive to the subject. With the locations for the film we had to ensure that not only were they aesthetically suitable but were also fully accessible, this was done by a technical reconacance each of the sites that or researcher bought forward something that we do in every production but here we had something other than lighting conditions, power sockets etc to identify We also ensured that everybody who worked on the project (even the freelancers) underwent some form of disability equality training. It is this kind of attention to detail that has led to project being a resounding success and Barking and Dagenham CiiiL (who commissioned the film) being one of our longest standing clients.

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Production: As well as our expertise in high quality programme making, stemming from the broadcast background of many of our staff, we take pride in the appropriate manner that we conduct ourselves, so much so that we see it as of equal importance as any other part of our production. We have experience in both studio and location based shooting. Although the majority of our production work has been predominantly location based. Our studio based expertise in both single and multi camera set ups can not be dismissed. In fact although we do not own it, we have bookable access to a shared TV studio on the same site as our offices, which we have used on many of our productions. The projects that we have undertaken have been varied in their final delivery format from Full HD delivery on Blue ray, SD on DVD to films for the web on .WMV, .MOV or Flash Video. From the outset we plan production with the final delivery format of the piece in mind. For example with web based delivery projects we will avoid using fast pans and lots of movement in shot as we are aware that this is a problem for some codecs. When commissioned to provide the final format in multiple formats (DVD and web use for example) we shoot (twice if needed) and edit appropriately for both formats creating two programs with minor tweaks to optimise the film in each delivery format.

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Post Production: Our post Production team including our freelancers, include experience in the BBC, ITV, Ch4 and Sky. But most importantly we have a proven Track record in work for local authorities and the community sector. We use Final Cut as our base editing package, But have experience in all areas of post production from video composition, 3D animation, image manipulation to extensive sound editing expertise. As part of our policy we always produce a ‘Offline’ version of the film so the client can view, give feedback and request tweaks etc, we then produce an ‘Online’ film where we again to show to clients for further refinement. This level of client involvement in the post production process means that the client always knows what they are getting and therefore are always happy with the results. All the methodology that we use and which has been shown by what has been written so far, is translated in to our coverage of live events including conferences. Again everything starts off with pre production and communicating comprehensively with the client, not just to make sure that their expectations are met, but to ensure that we are fully aware of the any last minute changes to the running order etc. We even offer a service where we edit on location and offer a taster video of the conference for the delegates to see over drinks at the end of the day. This can only be achieved through the military type planning that we put into such events.